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First Contest
Published on 08-09-2017

The firs referral contest

happy earnings


Position Prize  
1 Ð0.5  
2 Ð0.3  
3 Ð0.2  
4 Ð0.1  
5 Ð0.05  
6 Ð0.03  
7 Ð0.02  
8 Ð0.01  
9 Ð0.005  
10 Ð0.003
Buy shares
Published on 08-08-2017

Dear users,

Some changes have been made to the platform, detailed below:

1. The purchase of shares has been discussed, the clicks will be credited to the purchase balance with which they can buy the shares, the shares have a return up to 30%.

2. Three new memberships have been created and double membership has been eliminated, users who already had double membership need not worry, they are now in the Golden Membership.

3. all clicks and their referrals will be credited to the purchase balance, only the earns of the purchase of shares will be credited to the balance


4. Login Ads has been added, Can go in for Advertise and buy credits.


5. minimum payout is increase, The minimum payment is increased, only the earnings of the shares will go to the payment balance


Thank you, have a nice day


DashClix Team.

Dashclix updated
Published on 14-07-2017

Dear members,
A thousand apologies for the inconvenience, dashclix will not fall any more.
We are with new server, and with full functions.
Your data and everything gained is on your site, there is nothing to worry about.

Thank you for your patience to all.

Happy earnings

Dashclix Team

Double membership
Published on 07-07-2017

Dear members,

To congratulate those who took advantage of the low price of double membership,

Now the membership will cost 0.01 Dash, this price will be for two weeks, then it will rise to the regular price of 0.03 dash.

Happy Earnings. Team

Failed Email - resolved
Published on 01-07-2017

Dear users,
The problem of the support mails is solved, time the emails are sent normally.
It was a script problem that is already solved.
Reset password is now operational, and all other functions.

Thanks for your understanding Team